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Manufacture for LED does exist in Taiwan. Mirrors are nice, but whole body kit would be much better. I still don’t understand why ACS, Hamann and others create those ugly bodykits, can’t they just copy Lemans? Is it copyrighted…?

Originally Posted by Sudesh
OK, like the led tailights, a manufacturer does not exist yet. But I have been looking to do this mod for a while now and have been talking to a number of manufacturers that make M3/M5 style mirrors. If I can get enough people interested then it may be possible. The mirrors will be fully electric, Anti Fog, Dual Wide Angle Blue Tinted Lens with Heated function. The manufacturers already makes the M5 style mirrors with auto fold which will work with the X5 however, for those "without" auto fold I have also asked the question of manual fold. To give you an idea of the mirrors here is a pic!
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