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Detailer's Domain: GB on Porter Cable Kit $139.95

Here it is an official GB for the Porter Cable /backing plate and 2 Pads

1 Porter Cable----------------------$139.00
1 Counterweight---------------------$3.95
1 Backing Plate----------------------$18.95
1 5.5 inch CCS Pad White-----------$7.95
1 5.5 inch CCS Pad Black-----------$7.95

Total ----------------------------------$177.80


GB Price: -------------------------------$139.95.

Once we get 10 commitments we will add this to the site and it can be ordered from there.

We do have these in stock.

Here is the list
1. ABL2point0t ---az
2. snowbird -----az
3. bruce988jl ----evom ---maybe
4. gunstrife--evom
5. needles -nasioc maybe
6. porsche5k - nasioc maybe
7. fd777 nasioc
8. daishi --- nasioc maybe
9. flipmy05ski ---s2ki maybe
10. heatris --aw maybe

Okay so now its official click below:

Official Group Buy is here
Philip Yiu
Detailer's Domain
[email protected]
tel: 201-233-0003
promo code is BMW for 10% off
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