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Originally Posted by 08WhtX5
I totally agree, some people love it but I don't think it fits the car either.

I'm currently looking at some different combos but I'm concerned with drone at lower rpms. I don't want it to sound obnoxious but a little more throaty would be nice.
The engine sounds great from inside the car, but that rasp is pretty loud outside the car for sure.

Here is a link from Bimmerforums about the rasp situation and exhaust options. One post talks about using a resonator with a Remus exhaust to eliminate the rasp.

I don't have any experience with changing the exhaust out on that particular car. I do know that Remus seems to be a good all around exhaust choice because they are not too loud. They have a new exhaust out that allows you to actually adjust the sound level to your personal liking. I am not sure how much it takes away the rasp though.

I am under the impression that the other big brands like Supersprint, Eisenmann, Active, and Borla are more agressive sounding. Totally different car and sound, but a family member of mine has an 850i with a Remus exhaust and it sounds great. Much deeper, but not offensive.
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