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Originally Posted by M-individual
The engine of the new M3 is indeed a work of art and does sound great. It is different from the V10 in the M6 but goes well with the M3. In fact, when I took the new M3 for a spin on Paul Ricard I was really impressed with its power. It doesn't provide the thrill the V10 gives you (at least not for me) but overall it is a very impressive engine and revs really high. The only thing I didn't like about it was the gearbox. I missed the SMG on the track. I know, a lot of difference of opinion on that one but I like the SMG (and the F1 superfast from Ferrari even more). No more stick for me in new cars.
I am jealous you have already driven one of these. I would immagine that once you get up in higher speeds and RPM's the V10 is a different monster than the V8. Did you notice a bigger difference at higher or lower RPM's/speed with the M3 compared to your M6?

I know the SMG has plenty of advantages, especially on the track, but do you miss rowing through the gears when driving on public roads?
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