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Originally Posted by Major04
Great Write-up. My E46 is ready for new shocks/struts and have noticed the ride have started to go down hill. I was wondering where you got your Koni's? I was going for a KW V1 or PSS9 but, since your write-up I would like to explore the Konis.

Oh, btw I have purchased the shockmounts already from Rouge Engineering.

- gerry
Def get the Koni FSD units, they're very good. Bilstein makes great shocks (the non-adjustable ones) but like almost all shocks (that don't cost $1k+ per unit) with adjuster mechanisims, the PSS9 adjusters are worthless in terms of linearity (and sometimes crosstalk between bump and rebound). Out of the reasonably priced shocks the Koni's have the best adjusters.

I haven't found a cheaper source than; and they do price-match.
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