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Alex mine behaved the same as your failed install.....took me ages to sus it out....what I did was downgrade my firmware with a v21 disk and bingo it installed and then updated with v26 need to update with v31 as the version is exactly the sam 3-163....

Good luck
Originally Posted by Alex740iL
CD is out.. tried burning several different cd's made sure they are MODE2, still no luck... also, the POWER on LED doesnt light up... :\ followed several threads on this board and downloaded all the magical MK3 revival ISO's... no luck... any confirmed firmware version's to try? Also, with confirmed MODE2 correctly burned CD's, it will take the CD, spin it, makes noise as if its doing something, few minutes later, ejects the cd, and then in a seconds takes the cds again, and keeps going and going, should I keep letting it do that or not let it take the cd back in? Also, I have GT1 computer... could that be any help? I read somewhere, chaning the language? Im no expert on using GT1 yet, still firguring it out... so step by step instructions would be GREATLY appreciated...


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