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"You are on the right track, except that the CD should be Mode2/Form1, then it can be used on Mk3 and Mk4

With a Mode1 CD you must NEVER use it on a Mk3 as it will crash the Mk3"

HOW CAN I GET v31 in MODE2 ? The software v31 I downloaded is mode1 for mk4 And for mk3 where is the file in mode2?

Originally Posted by Jaycee
Hi Limey,

Yes indeed, 'safety' cameras are added to the map disc (as Richard and ccfj1 said) as points of interest (POI). If you obtain a map disc with them on, or add them yourself, you then switch them on via the POI selection menu, just as you would with petrol stations or car parks etc. There are a few members (incl me) who can point you in the direction of a very good map disc supplier who adds 'safety' cameras.

They are definitely not embedded in the v31 upgrade.

What kind of program should be use, to make chnage in POI ? I may change POI in all kind of maps? I got VDO Dayton v2008 Navteq, in what kind of folders I can cgange POI(add fotoradars, gas station etc.) Plz help

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