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Originally Posted by deutsch100
Almost all high end German cars have this "thunk", especially the older 90's Benzes (real tanks!). Even some VWs have that sound of solidity and quality.

Try even an expenisve Lexus or American car...just not the same feel and weight.

I would be really, really surprised if BMWNA offered soft close doors in an X5. Even the 2004-2006 4.8is didn't have that. IMO, this feature is great in the 7 Series, S-Class or A8...but overkill in an SUV/SAV.
I think that we will see it on the X5 in the U.S. because
1. it is available on the X6
2. it is available on the auto tailgate on the X5

I love the auto tailgate on my X5! I wish I had soft close doors too.
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