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It just goes to show how well the M-cars perform. Typically the previous generation M3 is still on par or better than the newer generation top of the line 3-series with regard to performance. Compare an e30 M3 to an e36 325i and an e36 M3 to an e46 330i. In this case, with the TT's the previous generation M3 and the regular 3-series are closer than ever.

It would be interesting to know if the 135i and the 335i were on stock run-flats. If they were, better tires could lower all of their test times. Also, the M3 had some wear on the brakes and who knows about the tires it was on. I was surprised by the acceleration tests because BMW claims around 4.8 sec. for the M3 0-60 and 5+ for the 135i and 335i. They could have used a newer M3 in perfect condition to make it a little more fair.

I read a post by Bimmerworld racer James Clay on his impressions of a stock 135i and his race prepped 135i. He said the 135i has a lot of power but gets a little breathy at high end becasue of the turbos and he didn't get the feeling that the TT liked to be beaten on for 30 minutes straight on the track. I know the majority of people here will never track their cars, but it is something to think about.

The M3 is still the drivers car and the 335i coupe is a great performer and an absolutely beautiful car, but I personally NEED a 135i really bad!
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