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Originally Posted by x54.4blue
To me its about extremes the 335 is so fast what more do you need.

That is probably what the 328i owner is saying about your 335i. "Fast enough" is a personal thing.

I like cars that don't scream fast cars. I don't need a red sports car that screams money and speed.

M3's are more understated than a lot of other cars much slower than it on the road and you can get them in any color, not just red.

The 335 is almost as fast as anything on the road. The 135 is small and the M3 costs so much more.
The 135i is not too small for me as I drive by myself 90% of the time and this article was comparing the e46 M3, which you can purchase cheaper than both the 135i and 335i.
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