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Confusion about CD modes for an MKIII-compatible disc

I am still unclear about how to get the proper CD mode. I have a MKIII unit and have both IMGBRN and MagicISO. With IMGBRN, I don't seem to have an option of changing "mode", and the mode appears to be "mode 1". With MagicISO, I have the option of choosing "Mode 2/XA".

With the downloaded .nrg version of V.31, is the mode already set? If so, is it Mode 1? Is MagicISO doing a conversion to Mode 2?

I know the consequences of getting this wrong, so I am being extra careful. If someone could post the exact burned image size for a verifed working Mode 2 disc, that would be a very useful sanity check for us folks burning the CD for the first time. Thanks


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