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Originally Posted by PersonaNonGrata
Damn Vlad! That is unreal! It's sad to see your gorgeous Imola 4.8is go but your new ride ain't too shabby. Alpine is beautiful too.

Soooooo... I know you're already planning mods. What's first? I'd bet some new wheels. :
i dunno, i kinda wanna keep the performance so if i went wit a wheel upgrade id be something like neez, or bbs and id only upgrade 20s while most m6 owners that go for looks get 21s...

My first "non cosmetic" mods are gonna be exhaust, drop and chip and hopefully ssk when uuc or ac schnitzer comes out with one.

As far as cosmetic goes, well lets just say since my roof is cf.. everything else will be cf i already have many cf parts coming in, plus a Vorsteiner front lip.
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