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Originally Posted by ccfj1
hmm, I've not seen any problems and am running the same as you (2008-1 + v31, both modded).

When you modded the v31 did the navboot file become bigger as a result of the changes, this is what caused me problems, once I'd reduced the modded pics (gif +jpg) to the same size as the OEM pics, then the problem (system reboots) went away..
Yes, but I then replaced the mini splash screen with a much smaller file to get it back to same size - diffence is 10's of bytes only.
Is there anything else I can do to reduce size other than change my (smallish) splash and icons?

Originally Posted by ccfj1
As for the bugs you have, mine if anything "seems" a little quicker when booting and the scale changes are almost instant, I've used the direction instructions (visual and spoken) and had no problems, and the ETA has been fine.

I suspect that it could be that the OS upgrade has made the reading of the backup a little more prone to any inconsistencies in the map disc.
I agree - that was my thinking based on feedback on other forums.

Originally Posted by ccfj1
Things to try;
Drop back down to v29/v30 (and see if things improve)
Try a different media type for the map disc
Get hold of an OEM map disc (cd or dvd, they will both work).
I have used the same DVD writer, phillips DVD-R's and UltraISO for all changes for 2 years without any probs until v31. The 2008-01 is the first DVD I've used with the full UK postcode set as a POI resource. This fills the DVD close to the limit and may be causing errors at extremities.

I think I'll order a new OEM 2008-02 whilst the half price offer is still in place and give the MKIV a clean - air con seems to cause lots of dust which get pulled onto the DVD.

Thanks for the advice.

David 2006 X3 2.0D
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