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Originally Posted by lupito_ct
Originally Posted by BremeX
Nope don't work, I've registerd and logged into the site (looks good), but when I click the link above i get

"ccfj1, tú no tienes permisos para ingresar a esta página. Esto puede deberse a una de varias razones:

1. Tu cuenta de usuario puede no tener los suficientes privilegios para ingresar esta página. ¿Estás intentando editar un mensaje de otro usuario, ingresar a funcones administrativas o algún otro sistema privilegiado?
2. Si lo que estás tratando es crear un nuevo mensaje, El administrador pudo haber deshabilitado tu cuenta, o puede estar esperando su activación."

So not working

UPDATE: Working now, must have been a account setup thing, OK, logged in and working, but can't see the link for the download, I've had a look in the navigation + navigation/software forums but no link (my spanish is very limited BTW) lol.

Originally Posted by davidr
Yes, but I then replaced the mini splash screen with a much smaller file to get it back to same size - diffence is 10's of bytes only.
Is there anything else I can do to reduce size other than change my (smallish) splash and icons?
OK, good start, if you have changed the sky and pointers (I have) then you may need to do a bit of jiggery pokery to get the file sizes down.
but 10 bytes should not affect the navboot file at all.

I have used the same DVD writer, phillips DVD-R's and UltraISO for all changes for 2 years without any probs until v31. The 2008-01 is the first DVD I've used with the full UK postcode set as a POI resource. This fills the DVD close to the limit and may be causing errors at extremities.
hmm, could be but mine also has the 7digit PCS, and I have other stuff on there too, pizza hut, ATM's etc, no problems.

I think I'll order a new OEM 2008-02 whilst the half price offer is still in place and give the MKIV a clean - air con seems to cause lots of dust which get pulled onto the DVD.
Could do, it's a lot of dough though

Thanks for the advice.
No problem
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