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Watch out amateur apprentice polishing X5

Some of the products I like
  • Meguiars gold class wash (cheap and won't strip wax)
  • Dawn dish soap (for stripping old wax, only if you plan to polish)
  • 70% rubbing alcohol (available from your local pharmacy for wipe down after claying or polishing).
  • P21S wheel cleaner
  • Magic clay blue w/ clear kote lube
  • Adam's under cariage spray
  • 303 vinyl treatment for exterior trims
  • Plexus plastic protectant for in dash (nice lemon smell, no glossy)
  • Menzerna 106FF, finish is just amazing will try PO85RD next
  • Menzerna IP (this one dust and gum up with orange LC pad but works way better with LC yellow)
  • Meguiars gold class tire gel (I opt for non glossy one, harder to find but last for weeks and won't splatter if you let it set)
  • zymol HD cleanse for spot cleaning (water marks and bird popo)
  • Zymol concours, reminds me of Atlantique with that clove smells but easier to buff-off a little more oily but finish is deep and warm like more expensive Zymol (not sure how long it'll last, I'll keep an eye to see if it comparable to vintage I have on my 535i). No I don't have real vintage only from SKSK1 kit which is no longer available.
Some of the tools I like
  • Zymol Wheel brush
  • Flex 3401, power with safety
  • LC flat pads, will try wool and CCS next time just for fun
  • Karcher electric PW, I have the old one but new gun bring it back to life.

Brought in an Ex BMW-F1 Williams crew(in read shirt) for help, after the BMW-Sauber team didn't call him back. so Phil/Fminus watch out this kid has alot of potential
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