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Originally Posted by dr.jay
Nice, I wish I got a Flex instead of the Porter Cable as the Yellow pad on the PC leaves a lot of micro marring, and the Concoutrs is a amazing wax!!! I also see you have Poorboys Spray and Wipe, I love that as a in-between waterless wash
I used yellow pad + IP, at speed 4-5 on Flex. The polish breaks down after only 2 passes (clear transluscent already by that time). I don't see maring but it's not as glossy.

Final polish with LC orange + 106FF and I have to agree with anyone elses on the gloss, it's superb. I used Blue pad + HD cleanse on the hood and you can see it's not as good as a shot compare to rear trunk area with orange + 106FF.

One trick I've been using with Zymol estate, put the MF towel on oil-filled radiant heater (this helps tremendously during wipe-off). Then comes back with field glaze 30 minute later, it'll get rid the light smearing from oil in the wax after 1st wipe-off.
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