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Welcome to the forum,

You need some software; these are just an example others work just as well;

You need navtweak.

I use UltraIso, it will let you extract the navboot file from the v31.mds file and save back (the new image) to a v31.iso file (ready for cd burning)

Install UltraIso,
Then run UtraIso
File, Open "v31.mds"
Navigate to "V-2/RR/0101/BMWC01S/app_sw" in the now open image.
Drag and drop the navboot out of the image onto desktop (or sub-dir)

Install navtweak (including the GDK librarys),

Open navtweak
File, Open "navboot"
Select the 2nd tab (images)

1: For sky select romicons #8 and right click replace, (with your choice)
2: For splash seletct rombitmaps #14 and right click replace, (with your choice)
3: For 3d icons rombitmaps select rombitmaps (you get the idea)

Then save the navboot (keep a copy of the original safe).

Then drag and drop into the open UltraIso session (back where you found it, "V-2/RR/0101/BMWC01S/app_sw").

The nav unit doesn't allow it to "update" with the same software as already installed. So you have to fake the SoftwareVersion.
do the following: also extract the 2 .tbl files from the directoy:
Open it in an HEX editor (like Freeware, PSPad

In the first line you find: 30 39 31 30 This means: 0800 So: Software-Version 08.00
Just edit the last 30 to 31 and you nav unit will think it's a new Software Version and you can update your v31without prior downgrade to V29

The next time you update, you can edit it back to 0800 then 0801 again...

Save the UltraIso image as v31.iso, then burn a cd ad 1x speed.

Thats it.


Post up the pic you want and I'll do you one, what version are you running now?

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