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Originally Posted by JCL
Not sure if I qualify as a hybrid-hater, since I only despise them but don't hate them, but I would say that since this is mild hybrid, it is only mildly ridiculous.

Hybrid designs play mostly to stop-and-go traffic. Why is a 7 series being optimized for stop-and-go traffic? Stop and go doesn't require 400 hp last time I checked. Since this is a mild hybrid, it seems to be mainly an image machine, and not a practical vehicle. BMW gets to say they are green. But how can you be green with a twin turbo V8 in a 5 passenger sedan. I will go with my original thesis; it is only mildly ridiculous. Interesting engineering, albeit misguided.
I think your point that Hybrid designs play mostly to stop-and-go traffic is key.

If you drive in stop and go traffic every day, then should consider a Hybrid.
If you do not then buying a Hybrid has limited benefit and when consider the additional environmental impact of making a Hybrid you may actually be hurting the environment more.

I think innovation is good and the Prius provided that. I don't think that a Hybrid is the solution but for certain application it is a step forward.
Loving my BMW
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