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Originally Posted by Justinhab
Amazing job as always!

Quick question, could you have polished out those imperfections with an orbital polisher (Portal-Cable) or do you need a rotary when the paint is that bad.

I'm getting ready to polish a car with similar imperfections and I'm wondering if I'd be wasting my time trying to do it with my Portal-Cable.

Yes it can be done, it'll take longer for sure so pace yourself and prepare to spend the whole saturday to do the whole car using Porter-Cable. If you don't have that much time do the hood, 2 fenders and 2 front doors and leave the rest for next time. But wax the polished sections.

Phil shows you the list of ingredient for polishing, Menz polish + LC pads (I assume he uses orange with SIP and white with PO85RD).
Practice and check the video on his side, you'll be fine. It takes a long time to polish 2'x2' section using PC so again don't be impatient.
Good luck and check back if you have any more questions.
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