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Sorry for the delay:

You first need a power supply, my wiring called for the ECU to be the power supply. You need a relay to be mounted close to the power supply. You also need a fuse.

The thing is, my lights dont use that plug to power on the angel eyes, they use a different one. So you might need to change that plug or get the right piece to fit that plug.

These were my instructions. Hope it helps:


1. Relay - to be mounted close to the power supply

2. Fuse-last item to be installed, so remove from socket first

3. Power Supply- connect to positive terminal of battery (engine bay)

4. Ground - i mounted mine where the hood's ground connection is

5. Brown wire - goes through the fire wall into the footwell light, connect to the blue/red strip color wire of the light assembly connection, Just to elaborate, the footwell connection is so your new eyes illuminate when you hit the remote button open, lock or even to open the trunk.

6. Connect to ballast#1 there are different wire color sets for the ballasts/harness for this, so i just did trial and error!( ex. if A to A and B to B dont work, then it should work A to B and A to B) and success was achieved

7. pink wire- connect to ECU ( look for white/red strip color wire) so AE on when key position is "on" the wiring will be different from the 3.0 and 4.4, ( the red/white strip wire is the third wire from the left on the black socket connector for the 4.4-see pic) ( for the 3.0, it is located differently-i think its on the 2nd row--so just look for it)

8. Connect to ballast #2

Hope this helps. If not Rich might be of more help to you.

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