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Excellent info. Thank you!

Wow, you folks are just like the nice people we have on our M5board.
Very helpful!

Many many thanks!!!!!!!!

I will order the NavCoder next week so I can turn off the light bulb fault messages on my M5 and my wife's 330ci (I converted my license plate bulbs and 3rd brake light bulbs to LED's.)

Thank you folks again for everything.


Originally Posted by KiwiJochen
Easy: there is a twsted pair of wires on the nav blue plug. Normally blue/ brown and blue/red. On some cars yellow/brown & yellow/red

red stripe is signal
brown stripe is ground

Fit around a 1 to 10k-Ohm potentiometer

solder one end of pot to brown stripe wire
Cut red stripe wire, solder nav end to other side of pot
Solder radio module end to wiper of pot.
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