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I've been a member of x5 world for awhile now, I usually use this site to update/customize my navigation system (when updates are available).

Looking to soon get a TCU and work on activating Bluetooth since its much less expensive than going the ULF route...

Will any future updates allow voice-commands to be turned on for TCU units? Or does it already do this?

What about programming of "presets" for keys?
Thank goodness my original owner already had the DRL's turned off.
Auto door-lock/unlock?

I also think that would be cool, like the poster said at the top of the page, to be able to hook up some halo's to the DRL function. I would be interested in that too.

More questions...
I'm not sure if they are a sponsor of this website, but there is a sponsor of that offers a "kit" which you can program you key to do windows-up, the upgraded kit allows you to also program your mirrors to fold in, and do a few other things. Can this software do that? Or might it be able too in the future?

Sorry for the 20 questions, thanks in advance!

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