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Thanks man. The Headlights came with AE installed: Each ring has about 4 or 5 bulbs spreaded around evenly. It doesn't look as nice as CCFL, and if you look carefully, you can see the hot spots of the bulbs on the rings. Given how how difficult it been for me to get the headlights, I didn't want to mess around with it to convert to CCFL. Someone on the forum change the bulbs to white LED, but I stayed with Yellow because it think it stands out a bit more for my car.

Originally Posted by X Foomph
Very very nice Simon, that's right up there with the select few. Looks better in real life pics compared to photoshop ones. We need to see more, more is good when an X5 looks like yours

Just 1 question, what's with the orange hue from the headlights ?? What colour angel eyes & bulbs did you have fitted ??

Here's the Photo Album of my (sold) X3; Album of my (newish) X5 is on the way!
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