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Originally Posted by Imola.ZHP
Looking to soon get a TCU and work on activating Bluetooth since its much less expensive than going the ULF route...
How? AFAIK, only the ULF supports bluetooth.
But tell us what car and radio/nav you have so we know more.

Originally Posted by Imola.ZHP
Will any future updates allow voice-commands to be turned on for TCU units? Or does it already do this?
I enable as much as I can. Voice commands works on ULF modules, I've not had much feedback on how it works with TCUs. If people help me with vehicke data/info then I can add more features.

Originally Posted by Imola.ZHP
What about programming of "presets" for keys?
Thank goodness my original owner already had the DRL's turned off.
Auto door-lock/unlock?
As soon as I figure out how and have time I'll do it.

Originally Posted by Imola.ZHP
offers a "kit" which you can program you key to do windows-up, the upgraded kit allows you to also program your mirrors to fold in, and do a few other things. Can this software do that? Or might it be able too in the future?
No, because the "kit" insludes a hardware device with a microprocessor.
NavCoder allows you to change settings and reconfigure your car, it cannot magically make extra hardware and processors appear out of thin air :-)
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