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Originally Posted by AMCross View Post
the usb version works perfectly

we have moved on from serial ports so why restrict yourself for the future by buying the serial port version

but as they say its your money so its YOUR choice

the site even points you to the website for the latest drivers for usb so you cannot go wrong

And they have used the best usb chipset they could get

I'm in IT so i tend to be pessimistic about anything with cables / connectors etc... I've heard we've "moved on" from many things, yet I still update firmware on RAID controllers with 3.5" floppy disks...

I'm sure the cable is great quality... I'm just a believer in KISS (keep it simple, stupid) and would rather not introduce another variable into the equation (USB to serial interface Windows driver). Haven't checked the link for the USB cable yet, but my immediate thoughts would be: what OS does it support? 32bit? 64bit OS? Win 7 support yet? If not yet, when? All of those questions don't need to be asked with a serial cable...
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