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Interesting... Coding the MK4 unit to color will "wake-up" the CID unit and screen? I thought that coding the MK4 from mono to color was a secondary task. Wouldn't I be able to see some picture on the screen even though the MK4 was coded as mono? The dealer said that the CID unit was not responding. I would like to check myself too, as I was not in front of the car when they finished the installation. Would it hurt the system if I unplug the standard radio and plug back the CID/radio and MK4 in order to test it myself? Do I have to remove the battery pole before the swapping?

Also regarding navcoder:
As an absolute newbie in the nav area, may I ask how will I connect my laptop with navcoder to the car? Is it through the I-bus interface (
Anyone knows where I can find the interface plug in the X3?
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