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Originally Posted by cocobill View Post
Wow!!! That's simply amazing. Thank you very much especially to Jochen for the expert advice and the rest of the members that have contributed. I hope this coding will solve my troubles, as the dealer could not help in this matter. So, I guess I'll have to order the i-bus interface and register Navcoder to do the trick. By the way, what would I benefit for encoding the navi system to the car with the BMW dealer's GT-1 after I code the mk4 from mono to color?
Dealer GT1 makes the entry into the car's option list (stored in the instrument cluster) to say that the car officially has nav.
This then in turn controls the messages that the cluster sends out on the databus

So the car coding is still required, although there is a 80% chance you will have no functional difference on the X3.
I am not sure, as very few people have retrofitted nav to the X3.

Originally Posted by cocobill View Post
@ KiwiJochen: The GR stands for Greece by the way - Thank you very much for offering to visit you.
Ahhh... the ISO639-1 2-Digit code for Greece is EL, hence the confusion :-)
I know, as I have started a language file for NavCoder in Greek (NavCoderEL.lng)
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