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Originally Posted by cocobill View Post
I have to say I'm very impressed by the expertise in this forum.
Thank you so much guys. I think I'll try the safe way to persuade my dealer to due the coding to color using the info on the thread provided, although I will order the interface and Navcoder for future playtime :-) I enjoy these things!!

@KiwiJochen: Yes, you're right. There is some confusion with GR. If you want any help with the Greek language file for NavCoder I'm very willing to help you to pay back the advice.
HI, good luck with the dealer - be aware that dealers have often no experience with such recoding, as they hardly ever do any retrofits, and probably never need to recode Mono to Colour.
Some dealers struggle to use GT1 for anything other than their standard oilchange sevrice !!

I'm always happy to have volunteers translate for me - Greek is an interesting language.
NavCoder supports UniCode so it should display fine if the fonts exist on the user's machine - does your PC run in Greek with Greek fonts?
Download NavCoder and have a look - a Greek lng language file has been started, I have used Google Language Tools to translate some items, but of course it is nowhere near complete.
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