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Question Sirius radio availability for 2008 E70?

I just purchased a Exec. demo 2008 X5 4.8i on Friday to replace my 2001 4.4i E53. I asked the dealer to add the Sirius radio module, and they indicated that it is no longer available and can't be done. That answer sounded suspect to me, so I called around to a few other dealers. I was told by Circle BMW Parts dept. that a new Sirius receiver was just released that supports both XM and Sirius programming (part number 65129192274). Supposedly, this new radio is the replacement for model 65209142852, which they still have in stock as well.

In addition, Circle told me the documentation for this new receiver states that it is "only compatible with vehicles produced after 03/09" but that it should work fine (after re-coding the X5). I believe that the national BMW parts hotline confirmed this.

Foreign Motors West indicated that the appropriate part number is 65209142852, and that is was available. All three of the receiver part numbers seem to require the same installation kit, part number 65110035838.

So, who am I to believe? My dealer that states no receiver is available, or the two other dealers that state a radio is available, but give conflicting views of the parts required to make it work?

I retrofitted my 2001 E53 to support Sirius and it was no big deal. Should this install really be that difficult??? And yes - my new X5 does have the Sirius pre-wire from the factory.

Siriusly confused!!

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