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here is what says GM

General Motors DEXRONŽ-VI Global Service-Fill Specification

During early 2005 General Motors released a newly developed automatic transmission fluid (ATF) for the factory fill of all GM Powertrain stepped gear automatic transmissions. The new fluid provides significantly improved performance in terms of friction durability, viscosity stability, aeration and foam control and oxidation resistance. In addition, the fluid has the potential to enable improved fuel economy and extended drain intervals. Since the performance of the new fluid far exceeded that of the DEXRONŽ-III service-fill fluids available at the time it became necessary to upgrade the DEXRONŽ service-fill specification in order to ensure that similar fluids were available in the market for service situations. This latest upgrade to the service- fill specification is designated DEXRONŽ-VI.
Since General Motors introduced the first ATF service-fill specification in 1949 it has been periodically necessary to upgrade the specification. This upgrading process ensures that available service fill fluids are of an appropriate quality for use in transmissions that have been designed around the factory fill fluid performance. It should be noted that, as with previous upgrades, DEXRONŽ-VI fluids are designed to be backward compatible with earlier transmission hardware. More importantly, earlier type fluids are not forward compatible with transmission hardware that was designed to use DEXRONŽ-VI fluid, i.e. DEXRONŽ-III is not compatible with the most recently designed transmissions, and the use of these earlier type fluids could result in transmission damage. All current calibrations and certification tests are now conducted with DEXRONŽ-VI ATF. DEXRONŽ-III fluids should not be used for these applications where the owners manual recommends the use of DEXRONŽ-VI. GM does not license or support obsolete ATF specifications or the use of fluids that are being marketed against cancelled specifications.
All DEXRONŽ-III licenses expire at the end of 2006 and will not be renewed. Beyond that date GM will only support the use of DEXRONŽ-VI fluids for use in Hydra-Matic transmissions. Fluids sold in the market after that date bearing claims such as “suitable for use in DEXRONŽ-III applications” or similar wording should be avoided. DEXRONŽ-VI licensed fluids are fully backward compatible and can be used in all applications covered by earlier GM ATF specifications.
The use of unlicensed fluids and/or non GM approved aftermarket additives may prove detrimental to transmission performance and void warranty coverage.
There is a published list of GM-approved brands of DEXRONŽ-VI (see page two of this release). This list represents the companies who have conducted the appropriate testing and received GM approval. Company name, license number, and brand name are shown. This list will be updated on a regular basis as more approved products are added.

DEXRONŽ-VI Service Fill Approved Fluids

Company License Number Trade Name

Advanced Lubrication Specialties J-60155 Advantage DEXRONŽ-VI
Allegheny Petroleum J-60152 Altra DEXRONŽ-VI Transmission Fluid
Amalie Oil Company J-60156 Amalie DEXRONŽ-VI Synthetic ATF
Amalie Oil Company J-60156 Wolf's Head DEXRONŽ-VI Synthetic ATF
Amalie Oil Company J-60156 Xcel DEXRONŽ-VI Synthetic ATF
American Agip Co. Inc. J-60306 Agip DEXRONŽ-VI ATF
BP Lubricants USA, Inc. J-60309 Castrol DEXRONŽ-VI ATF
Cam2 International J-60158 tbd
CAM2 Oil Products J-60327 CAM2 Synthetic ATF DEXRONŽ-VI
CAM2 Oil Products J-60329 CAM2 Synthetic ATF DEXRONŽ-VI
Carquest J-60323 Carquest DEXRONŽ-VI Full Synthetic ATF
Chevron Corporation J-60005 Chevron ATF DEXRONŽ-VI
Chevron Corporation J-60005 Havoline ATF DEXRONŽ-VI
Chevron Products Company J-60308 Chevron ATF DEXRONŽ-VI
Chevron Products Company J-60308 Havoline ATF DEXRONŽ-VI
Chevron Products Company J-60336 Chevron ATF DEXRONŽ-VI
Chevron Products Company J-60336 Havoline ATF DEXRONŽ-VI
Citgo Petroleum Corporation J-60159 tbd
Citgo Petroleum Corporation J-60317 CITGO TRANSGARD DEXRONŽ-VI
ConocoPhillips J-60004 ConocoPhillips Company DEXRONŽ-VI ATF
ConocoPhilips J-60004 Kendall Motor Oil Company DEXRONŽ-VI ATF
ExxonMobil Corporation J-60002 ExxonMobil IMP 6544
ExxonMobil Corporation J-60002 Mobil DEXRONŽ-VI ATF
Fuchs Petrolub AG J-60310 TITAN ATF 6000 SL
GMSPO J-60301 GM Vehicle Care DEXRONŽ-VI ATF
Gulf Oil International J-60304 Gulf DEXRONŽ-VI ATF
Gulf Oil International J-60311 Gulf DEXRONŽ-VI ATF
Hicks Oil Inc. J-60326 Formula 500
Idemitsu Lubricants America Corporation J-60332 tbd
Isuzu Motors America, Inc. J-60333 Isuzu Automatic Transmission Fluid DEXRONŽ-VI
Kuwait Petroleum J-60314 Q8 Auto D VI
Lubricating Specialties Company J-60322 Unitran DEXRONŽ-VI
Mainlube Superior Maintenance Lubricants J-60334 Mainlube 161
Morris Lubricants J-60324 Morris Liquimatic DS J-60324
Northland Products J-60316 Northland DEXRONŽ-VI ATF
Penrite Oil Company Pty Limited J-60302 Penrite ATF DX-VI
Penrite Oil Company Pty Limited J-60312 Penrite ATF DX-VI
Petro-Canada Lubricants J-60001 Petro-Canada DEXRONŽ-VI ATF
Pinnacle Oil, Inc. J-60321 National DEXRONŽ-VI ATF
Pinnacle Oil, Inc. J-60321 Marathon DEXRONŽ-VI ATF
Pinnacle Resources, Inc. J-60320 Multipurpose DEXRONŽ-VI ATF
Raloy Lubricantes J-60335 tbd
Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH J-60331 RAVENOL DEXRONŽ-VI
Schaeffer Manufacturing Company J-60325 Schaeffer DEXRONŽ-VI ATF
Shell Lubricants J-60307 A/C Delco DEXRONŽ-VI ATF
Shell Lubricants J-60307 Quaker State ATF DEXRONŽ-VI
Shell Lubricants J-60307 Pennzoil DEXRONŽ-VI
Shell Lubricants J-60154 A/C Delco DEXRONŽ-VI ATF
Shell Lubricants J-60154 Quaker State ATF DEXRONŽ-VI
Shell Lubricants J-60154 Pennzoil DEXRONŽ-VI
Sinopec Oil J-60006 XunDong ATF VI
SK Corporation J-60003 ZIC DEXRONŽ-VI
Smitty's Supply J-60153 Super S
Smitty's Supply J-60153 Sure Guard
S Oil J-60007 tbd
Superior Lubricants J-60328 Tuxton DEXRONŽ-VI ATF
SYNECO SpA J-60338 tbd
Tianjin Idemitsu Lube Co. Ltd. J-60337 tbd
Total Lubrifiants J-60330 tbd
Universal Lubricants J-60157 Universal DEXRONŽ-VI
Valvoline J-60151 Valvoline ATF DEXRONŽ-VI
Valvoline J-60319 Valvoline ATF DEXRONŽ-VI
Valvoline (Australia) Pty Limited J-60313 Valvoline ATF DEXRONŽ-VI
Warren Oil Company J-60318 COASTAL DEXRONŽ-VI
Warren Oil Company J-60318 WARREN DEXRONŽ-VI
Warren Oil Company J-60318 LUBRIGUARD DEXRONŽ-VI
Warren Oil Company J-60318 SERVICE PRO DEXRONŽ-VI
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