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Originally Posted by KiwiJochen View Post
Yes, there are limitations.

Cars with LCM_I have no DRL capabilities (CI 14...17)
This means cars prior to Sept 1998, I believe

Cars with LCM_II onwards can have DRL capabilities (CI18...)

But NavCoder only understands LDRL coding up to LCM coding index 30, because DRL was changed in CI31
Hi Jochen, all.
Just FYI (E38 and E39 cars):

LCM with CI:16 is already LCM2 (no known DRL settings for me, rumours goes it can be set after algorithm change)
LCM with CI:17 and CI:18 are LCM3 (working DRL)
LCM with CI:20 is LCM4 (working DRL but different setting values than for CI:17-18)

Despite driving Xsīsmaller brother E46/3, still having a lot in common ...
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