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Originally Posted by mad_presley View Post
What about LCM with: 6907948, HW10, SW20, CI29, may 2001?The car is E46.

I tried to code DLR, but no success.
Light modules with CI:26 to CI:29 (CI:30 maybe as well I do not know right now) are not LCM (Light Check/Control Module) anymore but are called LSZ (I think it is Licht Steuerung Zentralle - Light Control Central but no warranty). There is a change to LCM in module behaviour according to taking some of the coding in account. When LSZ module is coded to ECE region no US setting works and vice versa when LSZ module is coded to US region no ECE setting works.

I have ECE E46 with the same LSZ (PN too) CI:29 as You have and ECE_DRL should work for You with ease. Definition: Light switch at pos. 2 and ignition OFF causes all lights go off (no position lights)

The only way to get US_DRL working (Def: High beam with 18% intensity) on ECE car it that the LSZ must be coded to US region, as far as I know. You must manipulate/change ZCS to code LSZ from ECE to US and the whole process takes me over an hour to do it.

For LSZ2 (CI:31 and up) it is again possible to code ECE and US DRL together.
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