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I have the 4.6is, but I too enjoy driving it very much. Excellent vehicle. I would not put it in E39 M5 category (yes, I have owned one), nor would I expect a 4.8is to be even close to an M5. But for a decent sized SUV it is really a screamer and a serious hoot to drive. I continue to be amazed by what it can do. I normally drive it pretty mellow because it is my long distance trip car, so it sees mostly longer highway runs, and also weekend duty when the entire family is headed somewhere (that doesn't happen all that much these days - crazy schedules with two teenagers going to different schools and both involved in sports). Today I drove 150+ miles mostly freeway and enjoyed every minute of it. I actually look forward to soccer games played far away from home when I get to take the X5. My daily driver is no slouch, mind you - Audi S4 with a 6-speed and 350hp V8. It too is a real joy to drive. But the X is special in it's own way and I really love heading out for a road-trip in it after not driving it for a week or so. I was alone for a short while today in it, and I took a turn I know well and normally jam through in the S4. I took it pretty damn fast in the X and I was really amazed at how well composed the car was and the level of grip it had rivaled the S4 too. Sure - it is nowhere near as nimble or responsive. But considering it is a SUV, and as heavy as it is - the X is just an amazing vehicle in "is" trim. Cheers to BMW for making it for the few of us who wanted that little bit more than the "base" V8 - sport model...
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