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Autobild review - Fahrbericht BMW X5 4.8iS - Der König von Bayern - Testberichte -

If this nose appears in the rearview mirror - move over! The strongest of all the X5 goes like the devil, brakes like a 911 times and like to sip also well above 20 liters

This big blue thing with the broad silver kidney in the face and the fat pipes of the Po - no, would Isaac Newton did not like. Because it is his theory on its head. But, sorry as we do, the laws of the inertia of the mass will probably have to be rewritten. Guilt is BMW. Guilt is the X5 4.8is. Guilt is this big blue thing.

When a metal sheet pile of over 2.2 tonnes in about six seconds at a speed of 100 races and a lot less than a half-minute takes to demolish the 200-mark, sorry, it has to do with really very little to inertia. And if such a breaker then like a Neunelfer increases in the iron and after a good 37 meters from 100 km / h comes to a halt, then physics seems to be permanently suspended.

But we cool down first time and see what we have there. An X5. Not normal. The new King of Bavaria. 15 millimeters deeper than his brothers, completely covered with aprons. Including air-leveling on both axles. The ground clearance can be raised or lowered by 20 millimeters by 40 mm. This 20-inch rollers, which vorbeischrammen narrowly on the edge of embarrassment - at the front 275er, 315er rear tires.

Inside noble, but not modern
In the interior (almost) everything as usual and everything - so clear - very classy. Bright leather, dark wood, chest sports. The fact that the X5 is no longer a virgin visually, one notices in here, most likely. There are now more modern cockpit.

Keys for us, we now slowly pleasure center before. Hood on, sheet in hand: 4.8-liter V8, 360 hp, torque 500 Nm. A mega-steam hammer, developed exclusively for the over-X5. Derived from the familiar 4.5-liter V8, easily drilled () plus a millimeter, and refined with a new crankshaft (5.6 mm) longer stroke, coupled with a specially modified six-speed automatic transmission.

Does not a man, you may think. If they are right. Our green conscience is the 4.8iS as welcome as an oil slick of the oyster bank. Only emission Euro 3, gladly beyond consumption of the twenties. The LCA is the question. But the fascination with cars so, fortunately, takes place one floor below - in the belly. And says: Do want!

Specifications Overview
At the latest when the V8 at the first gas blast muffled grumbling releases its 360 Bayerngäule on the blue steel giant, and this accelerates as lightly as the massive body consists mainly of goose down, so at least then all resistance is broken. That you can measure exactly with the long-legged will still nimble and dynamic as with a sports car around curves, while hardly any body roll and responsive steering feel follows, which some would wish Normalo cars - that fascinates. Unbelievable what one can buy today for cash. Modern technology shifts the boundaries of what the mind still get it.

And the same goes for the money. For what BMW calls exceeds limits. With stamps of 81,600 euros 4.8iS its only 40 hp 4.4i weaker brother almost the special offer. The least cost one less well-equipped golf (62,700 euros). Well, as an accelerator of the masses is the new King of Bavaria is not in any case.

Technical data • • V8 four valves per cylinder • Four overhead camshafts • Displacement 4799 cm3 • Power 265 kW (360 hp) at 6200/min • maximum torque 500 Nm at 3500 rpm • • all-wheel drive six-speed automatic • Independent f / r • Trunk volume 465/1550 liter • Tank capacity 93 liters • L / W / H 4667/1925/1715 mm • Tires f / r 275/40-315/35 R 20 W peak • 246 km / h • towing capacity 2300 kg empty weight 2280 kg • • payload 420 kg • 0-100/200 km / h in 6.5 / 27.5 s • Stopping distance from 100/200 km / h 37.4 / 147 m • consumption 17,2 l SP/100 km • Price 81,600 Euros
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