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Originally Posted by B-Line View Post
I like my clients to think.. "Hey, this guy is successful, drives a nice car, is in demand from other clients, etc."

Who would you rather visit, a doctor that drives a Toyota Camry, or a doctor that bangs around in a Ferrari.

Probably subconsciously the Ferrari doc. Why? cause you know he's making bank which means, he must be good.

Image perceived is image achieved and it's good to show success to promote new business. Unless we're talking about gaudy displays of wealth which I don't really see an ///M car as a symbol of.
But you can't really relate a doctor or someone who is in business for themselves vs. the corporate environment where you have bosses, management, etc. I think even adding more fuel to the fire is the the fact that you are buying a fairly nice car (like $60K and up) in this economy where people are supposed to be hurting. Co-workers will think 'Wow, he/she must be pretty confident that they will have their job" or "That's a dumb decision what happens if they get laid off". There's always the initial re-action from co-workers when you get a new car--unless someone really asks you how much it is (and that will happen) I don't think they will know much difference from another X5. It helps, too, if you take them out to lunch with you so they can appreciate what you bought and the performance.
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