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Just wanted to throw in a little contribution to this thread and to show where I mounted my ballast. I picked up my kit for $60 shipped from, two year no questions asked warranty, and guaranteed to give no errors or flashing from BMW's checking for the bulb. I used the coupon code "besthid-m" and make sure to ask for the free capacitors they offer. I found this company on another forum after they listed a two for one deal, which of course I missed

Some doublesided foam strips came in the kit, but I didn't trust to use it so I used indoor/outdoor extra strength double sided tape that I already had from another project. The kit also came w/ the typical metal mounting brackets, but trying to reach my big ass hand and a drill in there was near impossible.

I chose to mount the ballasts inside the same area as the foglights. I found a nice flat area inside the bumper support, cleaned the support and the backside of the ballast w/ nail polish remover. After I pushed on the ballasts nice and hard, I gave a tug on the cords and even the ballast themselves...they weren't budging. We'll see how if it lasts the winter and summer, but otherwise it's a good spot so far.

After I got the ballasts mounted, I used a 1" paddle bit to make the hole for the new bulb and it's grommet. If you look at the pic below, you can see the airvent and an outline around it. The paddle bit is slightly smaller than that outline, so don't let your past hold beyond that right. I held the bulb cover tightly in my hand and drilled from the rear at highspeed. As noted before on the OP's 1st thread, these things are flimsy and soft, so I pushed slowly and walked the drill in a circle so it wouldn't blow through and break the housing. It worked out perfectly and the grommet is a nice tight fit.

I then had to do the same trimming of the male terminals to make them fit the stock harness. I just used tin snips and cut them down to about 1/3 their normal size, then wrapped them in electrical tape before I reinstalled the foglights themselves.

About a week prior the pass. side foglight started turning extremely yellow, then blew a few days later. Funny enough, when I started this install, the drivers side has started to do the exact same yellowing. I did a before and after, along w/ outside pics to see the beam pattern and drastic lighting change.

I wrote the seller before I purchased them, and she guaranteed that I won't get any error messages. She offered to send me some literature about how the digital ballasts work to ensure that it won't give errors, but I never asked for it. At that price, i'm going to get a 9004 bi-xenon kit for my bike, which is only $30 more. Now I just need to decide on which projector headlights to get since my headlights are the lowest grade ones BMW offers

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