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Originally Posted by Viperfreak2 View Post
One more wonderful thing to remember about ethanol, now that winter is approaching in the northern hemishpere: It breaks down over time. It will clog anything it is left in over the winter. Boats, Lawnmowers, ATV's, should have seen the repair business generated by this stuff last spring!
That's part of my problem. I have a six-acre property in a small town where there's one fuel outlet with three bowsers - diesel, regular-grade petrol (its just been switched to an ethanol blend), and premium grade petrol. I have my diesel X5, an old V8 Range Rover, a small capacity motorcycle, push mower, ride-on mower, chainsaw, and brush cutter. All the engines that run on petrol, except for the push mower, aren't designed to tolerate ethanol blends. It's especially a problem for the two-stroke bike, chainsaw and brush cutter. I can use premium in both the four-strokes and the two-strokes but it's a fair bit more expensive - not that the small-engine stuff uses much fuel, but it's the principle. I should be able to buy the type of fuel I want, not be forced into buying a more expensive fuel just because the politicians think ethanol is a good idea.
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