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Originally Posted by RarebreedX5 View Post
My price is more than fair, Im not going to give my truck away, its 8 grand below blue book, ya I know times are rought but the right buyer will come I have 4 guys interested right now.

That's great. I hope you sell it soon. Blue book values are only a guide and not a bible. Their values are subjective and often not a true reflection of the car market. I think expecting anything close to $30k for an '03 in thiese economic time is just pie in the sky. We just paid $22k for a stock, almost fully loaded, one owner, 4.4, all records, perfect interior, clean car fax (also can't be fully trusted) X5 w/ 50k miles. The right buyer may materialize, but the question is when. The longer it takes to sell, the less the car is worth and remember there was a minor facelift but many changes in '04. Good luck with your sale.

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