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Originally Posted by chile1 View Post
Joe has been as much involved as say, Dick Chaney was.

It’s kind of amazing….

A ridiculous president can trash the country for eight years, and you won’t hear a peep from conservatives. But if a Democrat so much as jaywalks, they all go into fits.
Torture? A reckless war based on lies? Huge windfalls for the oil companies that the administration used to (and apparently always has) worked for? Violating the most basic freedoms? Taking a strong economy ("our 42nd") and tanking it (our 43rd)?
And you are worried about a couple thousand dollars in accounting errors!?

Furthermore, does it occur to anyone that maybe one reason so many nominees have problems with tax returns is that the tax code is so damned complicated that it is easy to make unintentional errors and oversights no matter how hard one tries to be honest and complete. Some of these nominees are symptomatic of millions of taxpayers who make inadvertent errors because not even the IRS understands the tax code. Note that if you ask for IRS help, they will not guarantee that their answer is correct. Or you can get diametrically opposed answers from different IRS “helpers.” What??!! If the IRS can’t give straight, guaranteed answers to tax questions, what does that say about the system. How many senators and congressmen have had tax boo-boos?

It is interesting that the Republican party had its best results in the states with the worst education (deep south) and the highest teenage pregnancy rate (traditional values) - thank Palin for that...

It's off topic but what the hell.....

1) As I said, VP is very limited in power.
2) Torture has been a valuable asset in limited usage. Continuation of paragraph is only your left-leaning opinion.
3) Very weak excuse for an economic "whiz" and other gov't employees screwing up their taxes. If you work, you can expect that you will have taxes. There is no way to get so confused on "codes" that you think you don't owe anything. H&R Block will do your taxes and guarantee their work + pay any fees/fines if they screw up.


PS-The T-shirt is not really a "personal attack."
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