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Originally Posted by Superhiro View Post
I've worked with a vendor over on E46 Fanatics a few times and asked him about getting a deal on a kit for the E53 X5's. Mainly because a buddy of mine just picked up a 05 4.4i and we both plan on doing ours soon.

Since I already contacted the vendor I thought I'd share pricing in case anybody wanted to join in and see if we could get a slightly better deal.

H-11 HID/Xenon kit $64.95 + Shipping!

If anybody else is really interested I'll contact him again for any additional details.

Ideally I'd like to place this order in the next week or two at latest.

You seem awfully excited for an HID kit that will probably be $10-15 more than the place I purchased my HID conversion kit. You say you're working w/ them, so are you promoting this because there is something in it for you? You're kit costs more than what I've seen on the links I posted above, so I don't see how this GB is going to be some awesome deal unless it goes below what myself and others have already bought for less.

Originally Posted by Superhiro View Post
Ahh and he will have another special running just for X5 owners soon. I'll post details in a new thread
You've already got replies on this thread, why start another. I'm curious to see what this other "special" is and if it comes out to be less than what I've already paid.

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