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[QUOTE=BabyCAP;693263]Hey Phil: would you mind posting your thoughts on how to deal with the snow and ice. Wash DC and surrounding areas just got 2 feet of snow. Here are a couple questions I have for your expert opinion.

1. What do you suggest in terms of removing snow/ice from an X5 parked outdoors. Would it be best to simply clean the windows and let the rest of the car melt rather than using a brush on the paint? Safety requires that some snow be removed but I am interested in hearing your thoughts on what happens to the paint when you remove the snow/ice.

well safety does come first...we get tickets here for that. as long as you brush most of it off you should be ok.

2. What about road spray covering the X5 in salt/chemicals? Should this be sprayed off with a pressure washer ASAP? Can one wait a day or two? If one uses a commercial car wash to spray the X, should one use just hot water or can you use their soap? In other words, will the car wash soap strip any protection we have on our X's?

I've been using ONR or going to the no touch laser guided car washes (it does the undercarriage as well)

Hope that helps.
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