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Originally Posted by m5james View Post
There is nothing great about this GB at all. I bought a set of HID conversion headlights for my X5 for $60 shipped, free resistors w/ a no questions asked two year warranty. I bought mine through, used the coupon code "besthid-m" and make sure to ask for the free resistors in the comments box. I've heard there are even better deals, around $50 shipped from, which has been floating around the for years. Why pay more when you're not getting anything more in return.

Here is my post - View Single Post - Latest mod: HID fog lights installation on Persona's HID thread, which it looks like the same kit he purchased before.
If you look at the date of my original post, it was back in January of this year. I had purchased HID's from Khoalty earlier that summer and thought I'd share what I thought was a good deal. Sorrrryyyyyy. No wonder so many people have mentioned how negative this board has become.

Originally Posted by m5james View Post
You seem awfully excited for an HID kit that will probably be $10-15 more than the place I purchased my HID conversion kit. You say you're working w/ them, so are you promoting this because there is something in it for you? You're kit costs more than what I've seen on the links I posted above, so I don't see how this GB is going to be some awesome deal unless it goes below what myself and others have already bought for less.

You've already got replies on this thread, why start another. I'm curious to see what this other "special" is and if it comes out to be less than what I've already paid.
Unlike some people, I don't just bit(#, moan and complain about things. When I get good service or products from people, I actually like to praise and promote. The reason I wanted to start another thread wass because he had another offer that was specific to X5's and he asked if I thought there would be any interest for it. I volunteered to make a post about it. Does that mean I get anything for free, or discounts.... no. Everything I've ever purchased there, I paid full price for. But his pricing on E46Fanatics is well below any other vendor on there so I thought I'd hook up some fellow X5'ers, again sorry for trying to be helpful.

Originally Posted by m5james View Post
Jesus, I just looked at their site. $30 for bulb-error resistors?! Like I said, the kit I got came w/ them for free, you just have to make sure and ask. So essentially this conversion kit is going to be $90 plus shipping for bulbs, ballasts, and resistors...their "deal" is turning out to be a failure. The ONLY thing I see that they have going for them is a lifetime warranty, but in all honesty, that means nothing when they're an internet website and could go away at anytime...then what? Who ever thought 2yrs ago that Circuit City would go under, this internet site could be gone by noon today.
They've been around for a while, as to their longevity, who knows. Like you said, anybody could go out of business at any time, but my experience with them has always been positive.

Also, if you read one of the above posts, someone on here got a set w/out resistors and is not getting any errors.

Anyways, have a merry Christmas and sorry for trying to be a contributing member on here.
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