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Originally Posted by jhandy393 View Post
fantastic write-up! almost inspired me to attempt this job, myself...almost.

my x5 (2001 4.4, 190k mi) has the same symptoms as described here. i have been talking with an indy tech about changing out the chain, instead of replacing the entire transfer case. he says he'll do it, but if he gets inside the case and there's more damage (bearings, gears, or damage to the case itself caused by the loose chain), he'll still have to replace the case...and charge me for the internal inspection and the Xfer case replacement. so i have decision to make, and am asking for advice. should i risk it, and let him open up the case in the hopes that we can get away with just changing the chain? is there frequently more internal damage when the chain wears out? or should i just bite this bullet, buy a case and have him install it? what are your opinions? upon successful repair, i plan to keep this vehicle at least a couple more years.
Print out this thread and take it to him. If he is hard headed, leave it on the passenger seat in a really obvious place (he'll use it).
Tell him to just change the chain.
And from the post above, you don't have to remove the transfer case either saving you some $$.

Don't see why your case should be any worse than the others on here.
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