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Originally Posted by powers1 View Post
+1.Also interested in finding a good price for the fender flares..
To the OP - Awesome X! Something to be said for a set of custom wheels as opposed to the OEM route. Oddly enough, I also ran aftermarket 22's and am looking to to get rid of them for a nice set of factory 87's. Go figure!

To MrBMWX5 - Thx for the great pics and your continued support of those of us not as well versed on the 4.6/4.8 kit thing. You helped me as well on my post about my similar topic just days ago. Thanks man!

To all - I had just started a new thread about a week ago about all this 4.6/4.8 kit stuff and many from the boards were kind enough to spell it out for me. Lots of good info and here is the link.

Also, I can share some pricing info I had nailed down with BMW of Morristown in NJ...they were fine with me posting and said to share with board members my findings. So, when looking at the 4.8 entire front bumper for this upgrade it may not be too much more expensive to go this route with this kind of pricing as opposed to just adding the 4.6 spoiler to your current bumper. That may be easier, and you may prefer the looks, but something to be said for having a brand new front end. Possibly getting rid of some wear or nicks on your current bumper. OK, anyway...not looking to jack the thread just wanted to share.

Parts numbers and prices -
And note that Morristown BMW in NJ, when selling these 4 pieces together, is offering some awesome pricing. They said it would be ok to point board members to them if people are interested. Buying the pieces individually does not get you this pricing, only as a set. As a side note from my original thread on this (which I'll post this in as well), a bunch of people said you'd be be near $2000 for the 4.8 kit painted. I could see this working out to $1500 for sure.

So, Part number - 51117146578 Primed 4.8is Front Bumper $550
51127062601 "Support rear bumper" (aka rear spoiler piece) $275
51127062599 Support cover left $125
51127062500 Support cover right $125
$1075 with paint maybe around $1500!!!!! NICE!

I'll keep you all updated as we progress if anyone is interested and once again big thanks to everyone for replying to my post and helped to clarify this upgrade for the rest of us!

Hope to soon have one of the first Highland Green 4.8 replica's!!!
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