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Originally Posted by ABMW View Post
Vehicle should downshift, when the engine begins to bog.

You say it revs loudly? Is the tranny slipping? How can it rev loudly if it's stuck in a high gear?

I'm confused with that point.

I live in S.F., there are one or two hills here. My 35d tackles them just fine.

The tranny can be a bit slow, but if I use the Kickdown feature it acts as expected, and switches to an appropriate gear.

Have you tried the kickdown feature (pressing the accelerator all the way to the floor, so the vehicle realizes you want it to switch gears?)

This is relatively common, and something many vehicles require.

A human is always going to be faster, than all but transmissions that are specifically designed for high performance vehicles (M3 variants, porsche turbos, M5s, etc.).
Wait.... what? The tranny is holding a lower gear, not overshifting and holding a higher gear. Why would he want to try to kick it down to an even lower gear?

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