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Thank you LeMans.
No you didn't miss the post. I didnt post anything on it. Still recovering and still sore and the effects of the concussion are just wearing off.

I was in the far left lane going about 35mph on a four lane one way street and driver in the right lane next to me decided to turn left with no signal nor without clearing (obviously). Turned right into me, hit both doors on the passenger side, broke the rear passenger side suspension/wheel which punctured the floor, then pushed me over the curb and sidewalk into a light post that crushed the driver side rear door just forward of the rear wheel, bent the inner door frame structure and floorpan.

Needless to say my loaded, perfect Monaco Blue/Beige Nappa 4.8i with only 14k miles on it is now salvage.

I have some iphone pics that I'll try to post.

Originally Posted by LeMansX5 View Post
Sorry to see what happened to your 2008 E70(read in your sig). Did I miss the post about it?
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