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Originally Posted by benathon
Yeah yeah, I do want to, but it says that the proper treatment is out of sunlight. I only have a one car garage so I don't know where I can do it. And in Colorado, the weather changes every 15 mins. I was wearing shorts this morning and by afternoon it was below 35 degrees. Do you know which products I should get? Thanks Rob.
Huh? In the "shade"? Not what it says on the Zaino home page...and I've put it on in blazing sun; not CO high, but 5000 ft elev. with some serious Carolina blue sky UVs pouring in.

The Zaino page of instructions is written as a mkting tool and to help "enable" the endless line of A-O car nuts out there in webland...I think the instructions and tips are over done; sorta like writing 3 pages on how to drive a manual trans: it sounds impossible until you jes' get in the freaking car and do it!
And, I don't think the umptyseven prods are needed but that's just me.

From Zaino application pages:
"I have applied Z-2 PRO in the Arizona sun and it dried in approx. 3 to 5 minutes. I have also applied it in 38 degree temperature and it took about 2 to 3 hours to dry. Be patient. It's worth it. Different situations affect drying times."
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