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I'm working on putting together a group buy for some incredible Vredestein tires for the E53 X5, however they will fit any BMW that runs those sizes (i.e. E70 X5, E71 X6, E70 X5 M, etc), so please don't think they are restricted to just the E53 X5. Here are the details:

Vredestein Ultrac SUV Sessanta tires. Note that these are the SUV variant of the Ultrac Sessanta tires which are specific for SUV's, and not the standard Ultrac Sessanta tires. You can read about them on the company website:


The Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta is the newest ace in the Ultra High Performance (UHP) segment. The Sessanta is based on the strong points of the Ultrac series and has been optimised even further to give very good steering and handling characteristics. Giugiaro Design has given the Ultrac Sessanta an innovative design, with a line pattern that clearly shows that performance comes first. The name Sessanta refers to the sixty years of Vredestein's existence in Enschede. In tribute to Vredestein's unique collaborative partnership with Giugiaro Design, "sixty" will be written in Italian: sessanta.

Parametric design - from the drawing board to the shelf
The Ultrac Sessanta is designed parametrically. This means that the tread construction, shape and contours are optimised for every size using mathematical formulae based on design parameters. Each size of the Ultrac Sessanta therefore offers maximum design quality.

- Innovative design and sophisticated line pattern
- Parametric design
- Handling Tuned Tread Compound (HTTC)
- HTS+ (Handling Tuned Sidewall) principle with robust outer shoulders and sturdy sidewalls
- Two rayon carcass layers make the tyre stable and sturdy during handling
- Asymmetric
- Non-directional

- Good performance and unique appearance
- Optimal design quality: profile, construction, design and contours selected according to mathematical formulae for each size
- Extremely high tracking power, allowing faster cornering Measured correction of the car is possible on bends
- Very direct steering feel Optimal contact with the road surface
- Maximum resistance to lateral forces The car stays more controllable in the most crititcal situations

Your purchase would be in staggered sets of 4 tires in either of the 19" or 20" size. So you have two choices (information from Vredestein website):

Choice A: 255/50ZR19 107W XL & 285/45ZR19 107W
Choice B: 275/40ZR20 106Y XL & 315/35ZR20 110Y XL

They are UTQG rated as Threadwear 280. Traction AA. Temperature A. The 19" tires are "W" speed rated which means they are good for 168 mph. The 20" tires are "Y" speed rated which means they are good for 186 mph. They have a 3 year warranty against defects. No mileage warranty (just like all ultra high performance tires), however according to Vredestein you should be able to get 20,000 - 40,000 miles out of them no problem. As with all ultra high performance summer tires you should consider switching to winter tires when temperatures drop below 7 degree C (44.6 degrees F). However their wet weather traction is reported to be amazing.

Here is specific technical information for each tire:

255/50ZR19 107W XL Measuring Rim= 8.0. Section width=10.4. Overall diameter=29.1. Overall Max Diameter as mounted=29.5. Overall width=10.9. Static loaded radius= 13.4. Rolling circumference= 89.0. Revolutions / mile= 712.
285/45ZR19 107W Measuring Rim= 9.5. Section width=11.2. Overall diameter=29.1. Overall Max Diameter as mounted=29.5. Overall width=11.7. Static loaded radius= 13.4. Rolling circumference= 88.8. Revolutions / mile= 714.

275/40ZR20 106Y XL Measuring Rim= 9.5. Section width=10.9. Overall diameter=28.7. Overall Max Diameter as mounted=29.0. Overall width=11.4. Static loaded radius= 13.4. Rolling circumference= 87.4. Revolutions / mile= 725.
315/35ZR20 110Y XL Measuring Rim= 11.0. Section width=12.6. Overall diameter=28.7. Overall Max Diameter as mounted=29.0. Overall width=13.1. Static loaded radius= 13.4. Rolling circumference= 87.4. Revolutions / mile= 725.

They will be shipped from a Vredestein dealer located in California. Shipping costs are not included in the prices below, however they should run no more than $20 per tire to go cross country (for example, California to New York). So $80.00 max for a set of 4 tires.

On to the costs! They will be as follows:

1 - 5 buyers = $815 for a set (approximately $203.75 per tire)
6 - 14 buyers = $780 for a set (approximately $195.00 per tire)
15+ buyers = $765 for a set (approximately $191.25 per tire)

So if you are interested, put your name down on the list. I am thinking about setting a deadline as June 1, 2010, however depending on interest it could be earlier or later. Once we have a good list going I'll provide all the details, purchasing info, etc. directly to each person signed up via private e-mail. If the response is huge, their might be a possibility of an additional discount, though no guarantee.

1. X5 Meister - A
2. bsprtsgrp - B
3. tmv - A
4. ekimv65 - B
5. BlackX54.4i - A
6. scorpio768 - B
7. brisbmw - B
8. FSETH - A
9. Valx5 - B
10. divoter - B
11. d3athr0w - B
12. CarbonX5 - B
13. wcbarkley - A
14. mywidebody02 - B
15. themoth - B
16. Paulus - B
17. TwinsPoppa - B
18. _XS3C_ - A
19. cheakster - B
20. aznlily - A
21. taosx5 - B
22. Aqua Bliss - B
23. ripp222 - A
24. MidwestE53 - B
25. juppalgae - B
26. andaya - B
27. noworyz - B
28. rrental - B
29. 054.8isSC - B
30. TRADEmark - B
31. 335i - A
32. R8DX5 - B
33. shamrock99 - B
34. fepat55 -B
Update 7/20/10 - Thank you everyone for participating in the group buy. I think overall it went great. $765 for a set of staggered 19" or 20" tires was a steal. Below are the other tire options and current prices on Tirerack for your comparison. For the 9 people that bought 19" tires you saved $443 - $457 compared to an OEM tire choice, and $21 - $411 compared to a non-OEM tire choice. For the 24 people that bought 20" tires you saved $895 compared to the OEM choice, and $167 - $629 compared to a non-OEM tire choice.

Michelin Latitude Diamaris (OEM replacement) $1,208
Bridgestone Turanza ER30 (OEM) $1,222

Kumho Ecsta STX KL12 $786
Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport $830
Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico $834
Hankook Ventus AS RH07 $846
Yokohama ADVAN S.T. $916
Pirelli PZero Rosso $992
Continental CrossContact UHP $1,012
Michelin Latitude Tour HP $1,176

Michelin Latitude Diamaris (OEM replacement) $1,660

Continental ExtremeContact DWS $932
Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport $936
Yokohama ADVAN S.T. $1,276
Michelin Latitude Tour HP $1,394

(Note: the reason I am referring to the Michelin Latitude Diamaris as "OEM replacement" is that the original OEM such tire for the BMW was the Michelin 4x4 Diamaris. That tire interestingly is no longer being made in staggered sets so you cannot buy four of the same tire (in staggered of course) for your X5 as only the front sizes are available. More specifically, for 19" tires, you can only buy a Michelin 4x4 Diamaris 255/50R19 for the front and no longer a 285/45R19 for the rear. For 20" tires, you can only buy a 275/40R20 and no longer a 315/35R20. Reference:
Michelin has developed the "Latitude Diamaris" which is apparently the next generation tire, and they are available in staggered 19" sets and 20" sets. I referenced pricing using those tires. One curious point is that while the full (front and rear) 20" staggered set is "OE Coded" for BMW, only the rear 19" tire is "OE Coded" for BMW and the front is not; I have no idea why. Reference: )

Back to the Vredestein tires:

Quite a few people on the board already have them and they get very good reviews. Here's just one thread:

Another informative post:

Here is one owner who has them on his E70 X5. See post #459:

I'll update this post with additional information in due time and answer any questions to the best of my ability.

Here's also a great video of the tires:

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