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Just replaced LCD screen in Nav monitor!

As the title says, I just replaced the LCD screen in my Nav/radio monitor. Big difference over the old one. Its "new" again. The old screen degraded ever so slowly, I just got used to it, until I realized that I was straining to even see it. The new LCD screen is an exact replacement made by Sharp ( as the original ). I Sourced out of Hong Kong. I was unable to source it within the USA. Took me an hour to replace it, start to finish. But it could be done faster. I was taking pictures with my cell phone of the steps. Minimal tools necessary, but no ham fisted mechanics need apply. These components are delicate, and cleanliness is a must Total cost was $138.00 for the screen and $26.00 for DHL delivery. Payment was done by Paypal. It took one week from payment to delivery to my hands.

If there is any interest, I could put together a DIY. To date, this seems to be the least expensive way to update the monitor screen. I am amazed at what I was putting up with.

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