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trying to fix my car!

Sadly...i backed the X5 into another car this past weekend and basically scraped the hell out of the rear panel right right down to the metal. on the plus side there were no dents and i was able to pop everything back into place i just have about 4 or 5 scratches now. I decided that i would first try to fix these scratches myself and see how that works and if all else fails i would just get it fixed at some body shop. Can someone tell me if the following is a good idea or will work?...

Basically i would buy touch up paint or a paint stick from bmw and try to cover up the scratches. After it dries i would assume that the surface would be uneven because of the paint sticks so would wet-sanding make it even again? and then i would compound, polish, and wax the panel until it looks brand new! hopefully y'all get what im trying to do!
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